DUBAI CONFERENCE - APRIL 2008 Aesthetic Dentistry Seminar in Dubai Over the weekend of April 26th and 27th we took the whole Practice team to Dubai to attend a seminar on aspects of Aesthetic Dentistry. This was partly to make sure that we are keeping up to date with the latest techniques - and we're prepared to travel the world in search of the best - and partly to keep the team functioning well as an efficient and happy group. Over the many years we've been working together we have developed a strong bond between us, and an occasion like this gives us an opportunity not just to strengthen that bond but also the time to sit down and discuss future plans for the practice and how we can improve it. As it happened it also gave us the chance to consume large quantities of alcohol and some really excellent food in the superb Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The weather was wonderful and the seminars were pretty good too, with Dr Larry Rosenthal (pictured above in the centre of our team) giving the keynote presentation State of the Art in Aesthetic Dentistry. Other speakers were also leaders in their field and included Dr Neil Counihan, Dr Ian Buckle and Dr Mirfendereski with Dr Kormal Sun producing a real tour de force with a seminar followed by a hands on workshop on The Dynamics of Smile Design. But joking apart it was an incredibly useful weekend and one we hope to repeat in the future.
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