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TREATMENTS: We have recently installed a Defibrillator at the Practice - one of very few dental practices to have done so in South West London and to have met the standards set by the General Dental Council in this respect. We   offer   a   full   range   of   general   dental   treatments   for   both   adults   and   children.   But   we   believe   that   prevention   is better   than   cure.   With   the   better   understanding   of   the   cause   of   dental   disease,   good   food,   fluoridation   and higher   standards   of   general   health,   most   people   should   expect   to   retain   the   majority   of   their   natural   teeth   for the whole of their lives. Our   preventative   dentistry   programme   is   aimed   at   giving   you   all   the   help   possible   to   achieve   complete   dental health   and   our   dental   hygienist   plays   a   key   role   in   your   preventative   care.   It   is   now   known   there   are   links   between   gum   disease   and   many   illnesses   such   as   heart   disease.   Thus   it   is   more   important   than   ever   to   keep one’s mouth healthy, not just in order to retain the teeth, but also for one's general well-being. We use the latest techniques & materials including: Click an item for more information White Fillings Tooth Whitening Crowns Cosmetic Laminates Bridgework Braces Dental Hygiene Treatment for Tooth Grinding and Headaches Restorative Dentistry Root Canal Treatment Full Dentures Implants Cosmetic Dentistry Body and Facial Beauty Treatments and Enhancements
Treatment   rendered   on   a   sporadic   basis   is   little   better   than   no   treatment   at   all.   It   is   only   with   regular examinations   and   maintenance   by   both   the   Hygienist   and   the   Dentist   that   we   can   assure   you   of   optimum dental   health.   At   the   conclusion   of   treatment   we   will   suggest   a   recall   period   that   is   best   for   you   and   send   you   a card to remind you when that period has elapsed.
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