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RACE FOR LIFE - JUNE 2008 On   30th   June   2008,   we   took   part   in   the Race   For   Life   at   the   Old   Deer   Park   in Richmond.   This   was   to   raise   money   for Cancer    Research    and    is    supported    by Nivea. From   left   to   right   in   the   photograph,   our team   consisted   of   Jill,   Lekha,   Claire   and Jill's   mother   and   they   did   a   wonderful job in raising over £600!   Jill   and   Claire   ran   the   5km   course   and completed    it    in    30    minutes    and    8 seconds   whereas   Lekha   and   Jill's   Mum did    it    in    an    energetic    walk    lasting    55 minutes.   It   was   a   great   effort   by   all   of them and an outstanding success in raising so much money.   Very   many   thanks   to   all   those   who   contributed   so   generously   in   sponsoring   the   team.   Now   we're   looking   forward to the next one - a 10km race at Hampton Court in September where Claire and Jill hope to be running again.
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