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BOOK AN APPOINTMENT: Ring Claire on 020 7736 3220 to arrange an appointment or get further information. Alternatively email her at Or   use   the   form   below   to   ask   us   any   questions   or   to   ask   for   an   appointment.   Although   we   operate   by appointment   only,   we   believe   that   we   have   an   obligation   to   treat   regular   established   patients   whenever   an urgent   dental   situation   arises.   We   do   however,   request   that   you   call   us   first,   during   normal   surgery   hours wherever possible. Our   standard   opening   hours   are   from   Monday   to   Friday   from   09:00hrs   to   17:30hrs,    although   our Orthodontist,   Alex   Redhead,   works   until   21:30hrs   on   Mondays   and   our   hard-working   Hygienist,   Maria   Agius, comes   into   the   Practice   at   08:30hrs.   Dr   Sulaman   Anwar   is   also   available   up   until   19:30hrs   on   Mondays.   In addition   we   are   open   for   one   Saturday   morning   each   month   from   9am   to   1pm.   Please   phone   for   the   next scheduled open Saturday. Outside   normal   hours,   in   the   event   of   a   serious   emergency,   please   phone   the   normal   Practice   number   and   a recorded message will tell you how to contact the dentist on call.  
229 New Kings Road    London    SW6 4XE      Tel: 020 7736 3220